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Front Row: Betty Kinne(seated), Barbara Hilbert, Barbara Barnes(kneeling), Jodi Dudley, Brandi Akins Back Row: Karen Cox, Missy Harrod.

The Anderson County Fire District has a very active Fire Auxiliary, responding to working

structure fires and extended responses, providing rehab support and a number of charity

activities throughout the year. Auxiliary members are involved for various reasons and

participate as schedules allow.

Whether you are interested in being an active member, available as needed, or involved for a

particular activity, participation is always welcome. Our volunteer firefighters provide a critical

service for the community and we do our part to help support them. You don’t have to be an active

member to receive the newsletter or join in on any of our activities. If you have any questions, or

would like additional information contact Barbara Barnes at 502- 859-FIRE (3473) or e-mail


Some details:

Monthly meetings - held the first Thursday of the month, odd months at Station #1 on Wildcat Road,

even months at Station #2 in Alton.

Membership dues -  $10.00 to cover postage and some miscellaneous expenses we have.

Annual fundraiser  - Lemon Shakeup Booth at the Burgoo Festival in Lawrenceburg, Ky.

Other Auxiliary projects -  include WHAS Crusade for Children, Fire Prevention Week activities,

Relay for Life House of Trees, food drives and Christmas charities.

Newsletter – check out our newsletter to find out about other activities such as pot luck suppers to

get the firefighters and their families together throughout the year, 4th of July picnic at the Park, and

fire station open houses.

The Anderson County Fire District and its’ Auxiliary are a great group of people to get involved with

and a great way to give back to your community.